Writing Prompt and Blog Post 8/24/2021

(Image from the cover of Writing True the Art and Craft of Creative Nonfiction Second Edition, by Sondra Perl and Mimi Schwartz)


For the people who have been subscribed to my blog, this is for you. As with most things us creative writing people do (especially me), we start something like a blog and say we will consistently post but then… well… never do. So I am very sorry for the lack of commitment, you know, getting married, work, trying to finish college and just having finished summer classes… But I do have some good news! I am in a creative writing nonfiction class this semester and I will be doing regular blog posts for my assignments! The book these prompts come from are Writing True the Art of Craft of Creative Nonfiction Second Edition by Sondra Perl and Mimi Schwartz. I hope you find them interesting as this is a nonfiction approach to creative writing, and I think it will definitely challenge you as a writer!!

Blog Post and Prompt: Defintion

Prompt 4
Definition – In Two Parts
Pick an abstract word that is important to you – Justice, Desire, Dating, Work, Faith – and copy out a dictionary definition, adding a few more attributes that you think most people would agree on. Then skip a line and write a highly personalized definition of the word…

(Perl and Schwartz, 17)

My Word: Providence

Dictionary; Piper Definition: “The protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power; or the just, purposeful, and wise use of God’s power and God’s authority to bring about an ultimate purpose for the universe that cannot fail; God’s purposeful and wise sovereignty.”

My Definition: “My parents getting together. When I was conceived. Growing up in South Dakota, Utah, and Georgia. My dad and mom being atheist and agnostic. Being sat down by my parents and informed what a divorce was. The times when my mother would tell me how useless I am and that I waste all her money. The lonely days sitting in front of an Xbox because dad worked all day. Moving away for college and then mom dies. Moving home for college and teaching my favorite form of dance: Lindy hop/East coast. Meeting someone at a dance. Turning onstage and seeing her walk down the isle in her dress for the first time. The realization that though my life is seemingly insignificant and I’ve been through so much already, I am valuable and useful to God. Both for being a child of Him, and my hard yet blessed life being for my and the universe’s good.”

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