Writing Prompt: Sept. 30th, 2020

Hallo und Guten Tag meine Fruende! Man, what an intense few weeks it has been. I found some time here now to sit down and actually write a prompt to you guys. I’ve been really trusting in Jesus these last few weeks, just giving Him total control over my life. I had started a while back keeping a journal of all the prayers God has answered and man, they are piling up. Praise be to Him for blessing my life though I don’t deserve it at all!!! I also have picked up an apologetics book which I’ll list at the end of this blog post. Man, you NEED to read this if you’re a Christian and have a hard time talking about your faith to nonbelievers.

Outside of my Faith (which is basically impossible), I don’t feel like my life is interesting enough to say. Other than being a college student and crying over the difficult coursework (which is normal; and IE Modern Grammar) of course. All I can say I guess is that: I’m just tired.

Aber, you’re probably wondering why I greeted you in German! Well, for my Kapitel 2 Projekt, we had to write a story, IN GERMAN! It was a lot of fun! (Even if I didn’t completely follow the directions). This will be the fuel for your prompt this week:

If you want a challenge: This is the hardest prompt you will probably ever do. Try and write a short story, poetry, or scene in another language! I know that sounds daunting, and it may not be perfect, and that’s okay!

My prompt for the German assignment was this: “Write a short story- using dialogs or narration, prompts and ‘voice-overs’ that illustrates the effect of technology on your life. Be creative and humorous. You have a lot of language resources in this chapter to help you: phrases, to talk about courses; exams, and technology, for example. All that’s needed is your imagination!” (The resources were: Dict.cc and Leo.org)

Your standard prompt: Write a scene, short-story, or poem that is about the relationship between two people. From the inspiration material, write about a casual/romantic relationship. If not, it can be paternal, platonic, friendly, etc. Some questions to address are:
1. How does this relationship reflect 2020 relationships?
2. How do relationships in 2020 differ from those 10 years ago? 50? 100?
Inspired by: “Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Here is my German Story, and the English Version. (Remember, this is GER101. I’m sorry if it’s bad. She said effort counts and I tried to make some words have a double meaning. Hopefully you can catch it [those of you who know Deutsch])

Der Mythos von Einen Mann und Eine Frau

Von: Brandon Heim

                “Awe! Verschon mich!” Der Mann sagt.

                Sein Ehefrau ausseht hinauf von sie Zeitung. Sie hebt ihre augenbraue.

                “Du hast nicht jeder Glück alle Morgen.” Die Ehefrau sagt.

                Der Mann ergreif die serviette und klapse sein Anzughemd trocken. Aber, nein betrag von klapse wird sabuer der braun aus von die weiß.

                “Zuerst, einen flach REifen, dann einen strafzettle, jetzt dies?” Der Mann sagt verzweifelt.

                Er ausseht rund um für der Kellner, dann er anhebt sein Hand. Aber, einen Kellner geht nah bei der Mann gleichzeitig! Der Teller und die Lebensmittel sie abstürzen zu der Fußboden. Jederman ihr ausseht in der Restaurant drehte herum der tumult. Alle sie sehen wurde Tomatensuppe, und eine Tomaten-Mann.

                Später, zurückkehren der Mann und sein Ehefrau heim, und der Mann er schmeißt sein Koffer durch der fußboden in einen wutanfall weil auf sein Pech. Als der Mann es beginnt verfulchen, sein Ehefrau sie ausseht an die Esstisch. Sie kneist eine klein Messe auf die Esstisch. Sie gluckt erinnernd ihr Eile dis Morgen abgehen. Sie Ehemann er hineinplumpst must die Esstisch zufällig.                

“Jayden” sein Ehefrau sie deutet zu die Esstisch saft, “Salzig, viel?

The Myth of a Man and a Woman

By: Brandon Heim

                “Awe, give me a break!” the Man says.

                His Wife looks up from the newspaper with a raise eyebrow. “You haven’t had any luck all morning.” The Wife says.

                The Man takes his napkin and dabs his dress shirt dry. But no amount of dabs will take the brown out of the white.

                “First, a flat tire, then a parking ticket, now this?” The man says exasperated.

                He looks around for their waiter then raises his hand. But a different waiter walked by right when the Man’s hand went up! The plates and food crash to the ground. Everyone in the restaurant turned around to see the commotion. All they saw was tomato soup, and a tomato-man.

Later, the Man and his Wife get home and the Man throws his bag across the floor in rage of his misfortune. As the Man began to cuss, his Wife looked at the dinner table and noticed a small mess on the table. She chuckles remembering their rush to leave this morning. Her Husband must had accidentally bumped the table.

                “Jayden,” his Wife says pointing to the table, “Salty, much?”

Recommendations: Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing your Christian Convictions by Gregory Kokul
Ask Pastor John (A podcast!! So good!)
What I have been reading:
“Hills like White Elephants” and The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway
“Desert Places” and “The Oven Bird” by Robert Frost
Tender Buttons by Gertrude Stein
“Winter Dreams” by F. Scott Fitzgerald
“The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane

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