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Writing Prompt and Blog 8/29/21

Hello again, (you just got a prompt from me and Writing True by Perl and Schwartz about an hour ago)… But that’s what happens when you forget to post! I apologize for two writing prompts in a row, but this is day 3 of the 3 prompts I have due for my Creative Writing: NonfictionContinue reading “Writing Prompt and Blog 8/29/21”

Writing Prompt and Blog 8/28/21

We are at day 2 (which didn’t get posted until day 3… So I apologize for the double post which will happen today) on our writing exercises from Writing True by Perl and Schwartz. I actually did this one in class on Friday and was told I could use it for my blog post! WithoutContinue reading “Writing Prompt and Blog 8/28/21”

Writing Prompt and Blog 8/27/2021

Something I remember reading back in Writing Fiction by Janet Burroway (another great book you should pick up) was that inspiration for writing, can come in all ways, shapes, and forms. Sometimes the inspiration happens right when you wake up in the morning, after a long walk, or even 12:16AM in the morning typing aContinue reading “Writing Prompt and Blog 8/27/2021”