Writing Prompt and Blog 8/29/21

Hello again, (you just got a prompt from me and Writing True by Perl and Schwartz about an hour ago)… But that’s what happens when you forget to post! I apologize for two writing prompts in a row, but this is day 3 of the 3 prompts I have due for my Creative Writing: Nonfiction class. Here is the prompt:

Prompt 1, (p. 31): Freewriting
“Let yourself write freely, without stopping. Don’t worry about whether you are staying on topic or writing well-just keep your pen moving. You might want to set an alarm for say, 15 minutes, and do this regularly for a week. Try different times of day to capture different moods, and don’t worry about making sense, correcting your spelling, or writing complete sentences.”
(And I will add onto this, try typing on a keyboard and don’t look at the screen when you type. Just close your eyes or look at the keyboard. That way, you’re not tempted to fix mistakes or re-read what you’ve typed already. I type very fast and am pretty proficient in typing without looking at the keyboard, and I’ve always wanted to try this but never have.)

Alright, my eyes are closed and I’m typing just out of my head. Soemtimes it’s really nice to just brain vomit and get things out of my head and I suppose this is even easier because I’m just typing and typign and typing…. Okay now I’ve drawn a blank and haha lmoa I have to write that out because I can’t stop typing por think really about what I’m typing and I’m sure this is n’t going to make sense and my s[elling mistakes are really bad but I can type about one hundred words a minute if I am copying things down and when ti comes to something liek this I wonder how fast I can really go because I’nm just typinhg out of my brain and really trying hard to spell everything right, oops I got that whole last sentence wrong oh well, ow well? haha I don’t know where I’m going with this, and I have this darn song from churhc tsuck in my head. WE don’t sing the “pop culture” type songs or I gues you would call it ” camp songs” but anyway, it’s ah ymm and It’s really good because we don’t want to be that church that has that “feels just right” type of vibe and oh hey we also have, er i mean I set atime for ten minutes so I have to keep my eyes closed and type continually for ten minutes and so this is gonna be really long and if you’ve made it this far, first of all, i’m sorry, haha! But secon,d why are you still reading this! This isn’t really something tony davids…. Okay now I’m juist trying to be funny and it’s not working I’m so sorry. You don’t need to keep reading this and now I’ve set my head back and ther appears to be apillow underneath my head that was not there when I leaned myhad back a moment ago. And hey I was gonna say something witty but I forgot because you know ADHD, lmao. And I need to stop wrtirting lamo all the time because this is gonna be a revelation of who I really am even though I do try to stay transparent in all my writings. Thsi feels os weird I have no idea what I’ve typed and this is just kinda crazy oooooooooooooo…. tHAt was supposed to be the sound of a train but I can’t remember how a train whistle is supposed to look like in onomotapeia……… yeah that wasn’t spelled right…. Well anyways, well anyways well anyways…. Sounds like a song. My mind is blank but you must keep writing brandon, think of a silly story. Oh hey my wife is sitting next to me and she is watchig Gilmore Girls, and you know waht. I acutally like that show it’s really upsetting but also just really enjoyable and THIS IS THE MOST BORING FREEWRITE ANOYONE WILL EVER READ SO I AM SO SORRY,, and yes I did hold shift down that wentire time and no I didn’t press the caps lock button. Ayeeeee finger guns emji. … I’m sorry, that was kinda cringe and the fact that I said cringe in a non ironic way is pretty cringe ngl. So yeah, anyways I just got back from a sweet birthday party today and I feel like I have to write nonfiction in terms of freewriitng even though I told my perfessor that I don’t need…. Sorry let me restate this because I got distracted, not sure how I could get distracted with my eyes closed and my head back but anyways…. My professor told me it doesn’t need a focus, and “it” being these blogs posts. It is just to get my creatibe jucies flowing and ooooo boi that was not a pretty word,,,, I guess I mean that isn’t a pretty…. okay just elimate the word pretty entirely I haven o idea what I’m saying nahah but uh, yeah! Birthday party. Birthday party. It was pretty fun,f and I showed these stupid youtube videos to my friend who’s birthday was today and that really doesn’t need to be said because I presume it iassumed that you would know that the dude’s birthday is my friend but I suppose I could have gone to a random person’s birthday party uninvited and unannounced and have no Idea who anyone is. That would be a fun an dinteresting story. Man these 10 minutes are taking forevvvverrrr. My phone is keeping the timer… Did I just personify my phone? Rick ashtely never gonna give you up was an amazing rick roll. WE should do the same thing but with a Wham song so ijfa;woeijf;aowiejf;awe. Okay let me restart. We should od the same thing with a wham! song and then tell the person: instead of getting rick rolled, we should say, : YOU GOT WHAMMED!!!! Ayeeee. I don’t know waht you think about that but that’s the kind of stuff I enjoying thinking about. And it’s really stupid as I’m typing and have no idea whatI’m saying but am really excited to read it and se all the spelling mistakes and how I’m not a very interesting person because all I tend to think about is morality, theology, apologetics, and anything t odo with logic…. Like syllogisms, enthymemes and all that smooth jazz. And I just sos happen to be molded by memes and that’s also great I suppose. But I presume too that there is going ot be a lot more to read because it is easier to ype than it is to write (in most regards), but typing doesn’t require you to write ou the letter so there is time saved by just ismply pressing a button instead of writing each character. But there is also room for

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