Writing Prompt and Blog 8/28/21

We are at day 2 (which didn’t get posted until day 3… So I apologize for the double post which will happen today) on our writing exercises from Writing True by Perl and Schwartz. I actually did this one in class on Friday and was told I could use it for my blog post! Without further ado, here is the prompt:

Prompt 7, (p. 31)
“Small Moments: Capture a here-and-now moment in your day. It may be a daily activity or a once-only moment… Record something that is funny, or strange, or infuriating, and, if possible, write it while you’re still in that same mood. Try writing nonstop for at least 10 minutes”

A moment. A single moment. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make an impression on someone. For me, I don’t know how to react in many circumstances. I never want to come off as rude, or disinterested, but because my perceptions are skewed not only by sin, but also my overthinking, adhd’d mind. I’m at a coffee shop and see a familiar face from behind the counter. I’ve known them in passing around campus, but never formally gotten to know them. They take my order and we make small talk about a class we have together. It was great and I was glad to make this connection because I thought they were pretty indifferent towards me. But, they were relieved to have someone they knew in class because they haven’t had a class like the one we’re in since high school. I felt bad because, customers started showing up and were waiting for me and them to stop talking. I didn’t know what to do because I wanted to stay and listen, but didn’t want to hold up the line! So, I felt rude for not totally responding and only saying: “yeah!”, “That’s awesome!”….

It didn’t help that they had to wear a mask and I couldn’t 100% understand them… Now, I can’t stop thinking about how rude I felt and am now going out of my way to message them on Facebook to apologize even though I’m certain they didn’t take it as rude…

Ughhhhhhhh how annoying my overthinking brain….

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