Writing Prompt: August 14th, 2020

Ugh, I don’t know about you, but as much as I love school, I also loathe it. Mostly because I know I’m going to be swamped with so much to do and I risk failing something. I look at my schedule and see how many books I need to buy and read (I have four books in one class this semester!) and I cry because I am not a great reader and it takes me time to read things. Which, a small bit of advice for those who are not in college, don’t EVER take more than two English classes in the same semester. Unless you are a fast reader and enjoy reading a LOT. Don’t put that pressure of reading for 6 hours every day on you. And that’s just the reading and not the assignments of course… Which leads me to this weeks prompt:

Write a scene or a few stanzas about a character getting out of bed the first day of school. The grade they are in is up to you. Focus on their thoughts and emotions. They just got out of bed. Was your character so excited they couldn’t sleep the night before? Or were they wishing they could wake up and it was summer again? Or next summer?

Ode to the Human Like Me by Brandon Heim

Oh why oh why did the school year end?

My first thoughts greet my sandy eyes.

The memories of the final bell of last year

curse me with the first alarm of this year.

My bed allures me to stay. Goodness,

how compelling your warmth is. The

pleasures from both sides. You on

bottom, and the blanket on top of me.

No! You will be late!” My annoying brain

shouts. The vexatious alarm screaming too

my tomfoolery of wishing to play hooky.

Why must they be right?

Despite their voluptuous cries, I force

myself to an upright position. I wash

away the sand and see a desperate need,

to go to the bathroom.

Join the free-write below by commenting your response to the prompt!

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