Writing Prompt: August 12th, 2020

Oh boy, I am late!!! Not only did I forget to post on Monday, but I am usually a person who is late to things anyway. My very convincing excuse too is that scientist have said that people who are bad with time, are usually more creative and see time differently than most people. Especially for those with ADHD as they always have something they are doing. I’m just so creatively distracted that I missed Monday’s Prompt. So, here is Wednesdays:

Write a scene where a character either forgets about something they had to do, or is late to something that may or may not be very important. Determine how your character handles situations like this. Is the way you use time very fast implying they are rushing to get out the door? Or do you write the pacing to be slow, where your character may be used to being late so their casualility (made up word) makes their movements slow, but they are where the need to be which seems fast despite how slow they are moving. Like a killer walking towards a running victim but still catches them.

They always ask me how I do it. Well, I was trained by the best of the best you know. But today, was not my day. Today would be the day I let them down. The poor, poor family that put in so much, only to be let down in the end. How were they let down? Well, by my hand of course… and my car.

I was running. There was cops asking my comrades questions about what happened next door which tied up getting me the product. I had a window of five minutes to get to my client in on time but after ten minutes and no product, I became desperate. I took the police officer aside stumbling through words trying to make up a story about what I saw. I kept looking over at Tony, awaiting the product. I stop midsentence when I see Tony lay down the goods. I push the police officer aside and I grab the stuff, and rush to my vehicle. I only had three minutes, and it was impossible. I couldn’t even leave the parking lot because of how backed up traffic was in the lot and on the street. I ran track in high school, so I ran.

As I ran, I remembered the teachings of Ol’ Chef. He taught me how I can get to my client on time freakily fast. It is all about focus, and endurance. He would say. I focused my breathing. Three miles in three minutes. I closed my eyes and trusted my instincts. I knew the town by heart… But, alas. Despite my years of training, my focuseness, and my endurance, I arrived at the designated house… Fifteen minutes total, thirteen minutes late. My poor client did not get their Jimmy Johns freaky fast… Only, fast.

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